Goodbye Jack Bauer – 12 Facts about 24

Yesterday Jack Bauer retired and the TV series “24” has finally become TV history. We will be missing Jack Bauer and have collected in his honour 12 interesting and funny facts about “24”. In addition, there is an info graphic which you can find further below (click here for direct access).

Thank you, Jack – for saving the world or something!  

1. During the series Jack Bauer killed 309 enemies. In some cases this happened by mistake. Most blood was spilled in season No 6 (51 kills).


2. Jack Bauer knocked out a total of 82 rivals.

3. Jack Bauer used the swear word altogether 146 times. When Kiefer Sutherland who is noted for hard-drinking heard about the “24 drinking game” – each time Jack Bauer says “Damn it”, every player must drink a schnapps – changed the script for one episode to the effect that Jack Bauer says “Damn it” 14 times an hour.

4. In Japan FOX broadcast the first seven seasons in a row and set a new world record for the longest uninterrupted TV series transmission through this, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

5. The most devasting hour in “24” is between 7 and 8 am – the time when terrorists in various seasons attacked a shopping mall, a hotel and buses.

6. The series was very much ahead of its time and had the first black President (David Palmer) and the first woman to move into the White House as Head of Government.

7. In the first seasons the series’ heroes exclusively used Apple Macs while all the rascals had Windows PCs. In the later seasons it was just the other way round: Whether pusher or terrorist – the bad guys always had a Mac, Jack Bauer and his colleagues a HP computer.

8. No actor knew the complete script of a season and hence did not know whether his or her character would survive the next episode.

9. „24“ was broadcast worldwide by 236 TV stations.

10. Over 100 million people watched the series worldwide.

11. The first six seasons sold over 7,5 million DVD boxes until May 2009. The series was certified to have paved the way for marketing TV series on DVD (Wikipedia).

12. In the USA each episode of “24” attracted a number of 11,9 million viewers on average.

Infographic: 12 facts about 24 and Jack Bauer


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