Hozier – neue Single „Movement“


Es gibt wieder eine neue Single von Hozier: Movement. Das dazugehörende Video setzt das Thema in einer beeindruckenden Performance des hervorragenden russische Balletttänzers Sergei Polunin um, der bereits 2016 das Video zum Song „Take Me To Church“ tänzerisch performte.

Hozier sagte über die Zusammenarbeit mit Sergei Polunin:
„I was first confronted by Sergei’s talent when I saw a performance of his set to my music in collaboration with David LaChapelle. I believe one of the greatest things to become of your own work is for it to form part of another artist’s vision or execution. That performance itself gave rise to ideas for this song, so I was incredibly proud to work with Sergei on this video. He is a once-in-a-generation talent. He’s a man of incredible skill and artistry and shows a dedication to his art form that I find inspiring. I’m thrilled to share this with everyone.“

Sergei Polunin wiederum entgegnete:
“When I found out that Hozier wanted me to be in his new music video for the song ‘Movement’, I was over the moon with happiness. “He did it again”, I thought when I heard the song – he created a masterpiece. His music inspired and moved me before and, he did it again with this song ‘Movement’”.

In Kürze wird Hozier seine Europatour starten. Für drei Konzerte kommt er nach Deutschland:

23.11.2018 – Verti Music Hall (Berlin)
30.11.2018 – Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt (Hamburg)
03.12.2018 – Palladium (Köln)

Foto: Universal Music

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